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“Although I have painted for more than fifty years, each year becomes more exciting for me than the year before.”  John Ford Clymer

Looking at art is not the same as discovering art.  The Clymer galleries present a unique perspective.  We give you the place and time to develop your knowledge and love of art.  This begins with the masterly work of John Ford Clymer, as well as that of regional masters and in the presentation of emerging and mid career artists.

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Paintings by Edna Bjorge & Samantha Birks Fisher from
Visual Articulations,  also with Mindy Renee Clark &Judy Kalin,  Main Gallery 2021

Artist Registry For Future exhibitions starting in 2022+.

Interested artists, please send a brief resume and three samples of current work and contact details. Work should be a contemporary visualization of life in the west, it’s complexities and challenges, its back roads, Main Street vitality, and hidden splendors. All media will be considered. Registration does not guarantee selection for exhibitions. Send a brief resume, three samples of current work to:

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       The Clymer Museum Gallery

The Clymer Museum Gallery, celebrates and presents the art of John Ford Clymer and the collaboration between John and his wife Doris. 


In the winter months, Doris would do a tremendous amount of research. She would read and find exciting concepts and historic moments for John to paint. During the summer months the Clymer's would travel, and research throughout the Northwest.


During these trips, John would take sketches of what he would later make into his paintings. John wanted to paint what had never been captured on canvas before, and to accurately depict the events that took place during that time period. 

John Clymer was fully aware of the broader aspects of art.  He had worked in NYC for many years before returning to The West.  An astute observer will find in his painting clear gestures of impressionism and expressive brush work that remain exciting and vital today.

With an understanding of John Clymer as an important painter of his time and place, the Clymer is committed  to exhibiting artists that address the contemporary complexities, challenges and beauty of life today,  through their experiences, vision and skills.



            Be Part of the Legacy


In 1988, in recognition of the significance of John Clymer's art, several community members approached the existing Western Art Association about establishing a museum in honor of John Ford Clymer.  A Clymer Committee was established.  This developed into the Clymer Foundation which purchased the historic Ramsay Building in 1989. 

An easy first step is to become a member:

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The Clymer Museum, in its effort to celebrate John Ford Clymer and his work, exhibits art that addresses the immediacy,intricacy and beauty of the NW West

through the experiences, vision and skills of  its contemporary artists. 


While maintaining

our enthusiasm for the

presentation of John Clymer in the museum gallery, in a commitment to make ‘each year more exciting than the one before’ we will bring stimulating and

challenging works to

the other  galleries. 

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