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Paintings & Prints by Tarra HallWard
in the McGiffin Room 
3/16 - 5/6 023



colored pencil on paper, $850

Transitional metals:Chromium (Cr)

oil on wood, $100

The Purkinje Blue

colored pencil on paper, $300

Phthalo Blue

oil on canvas

Installation View, N wall
Installation,  W wall
Installation, E wall
Installation, S wall
Immiscible II: oil & red wine vinegar

oil on canvas 2022, $1800

Stability & Effects of Oxygen

oil on canvas 2016, $2100

Transition Metal: Iron (FE), Cobalt (Co), Copper (Cu)

Giclee print, $45

Pumpkim Spice (Ginger: Zingerone)

pemcil on Bristol Paper 2022, $300

The Clymer Museum & Galleries

Featuring Contemporary Artists &

The Works of John Ford Clymer.

Call for Artists for 2024 exhibitions,  All mediums considered.

If interested send 3 to 4 images, a brief bio and artist statement to


416 N Pearl Street,

Ellensburg, WA 98926

Tuesday – Friday 11 am – 5 pm

Saturday 11 am - 3 pm

509 962 6416

Closed January 1, Thanksgiving & December 25

Curator's Notes: Something is missing in our schools' curriculum STEM programs.  Scientists, technologists, engineers, mathematicians have for at least two decades argued that STEM programs should include the arts and become STEAM programs. Tarra HallWard‘s work proves the point as she demonstrates the essential relationship between chemical, sensual and complex neuro structures through art.

Tarra’s work, like all great art, reveals the nature of our world and the domains that form it.  Each piece seems to reveal one of the unlimited and complex building blocks of life. And their inherent beauty. 

Art is a process based in the physical, chemical and existential. It requires an interaction between the artist and multiple components.  It requires an interaction with the audience that is equally interdependent on physical, biological and neurological foundations.

When looking at art we don’t need to overthink this.   Our brains are geared to instantly sift through all the noisy, sensory and accumulative personal experiences.  We look at art, touch a piece of pottery, listen to a new piece of music and our brain goes to work deconstructing what we think we know into the creation of new forms of meaning.

Tarra’s work is energetic and beautiful in it revelations about the materials & phenomena that form life.  In doing this she eloquently reveals, what research in neuroscience confirms, the human experience is about creativity.

HallWard’s art does not require that we understand the complex process occurring to enjoy and embrace her work. 

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