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Sioix Camp_410.jpg

Recently Donated , limited edition, signed Clymer Print, 1979:
"The Meeting 1878" Charles Gooding & Quanah Parker.
Donated by the Eliza Chrystie Family
We have several for sale- $1200 Framed- $800 unframed. We have several for sale- $800

John Ford Clymer

John Clymer has been recognized all over the world for his art and has received very high honors and awards, including the Prix de West, Cowboy Hall of Fame, and the prestigious Rungius Medal. Born in Ellensburg, 1907, John Clymer died  November 2, 1989 in Bellevue, Wa. His achievements live on through his paintings, illustrations and prints.

Sioux Camp $410

In The Print Rack

Signed Limited Edition

Clymer Prints for sale

at 2016 prices.


Chief Joseph, $600


Nez Perce, Crossing the

Yellowstone, $460

Chief Joseph, $600
NezPercCrossingtheyellowstone, $460