In 1988, the idea to build a museum to honor John Clymer was proposed. Several community members approached the existing Western Art Association about establishing a museum in honor of John Ford Clymer. His family was long time members of this community. He graduated from Ellensburg High School. A Clymer Committee was established which developed into the Clymer Foundation. The Clymer Foundation successfully applied independently for a non-profit status.

John Clymer was living at the time the museum plans began, and he and Mrs. Clymer indicated their willingness to participate in the museum project. The Clymer Foundation purchased the historic Ramsay Building, built in 1901, as the site for the museum and proceeded to develop the plans for the museum.

The museum is possible through the vision and hard work of the early Board of Directors who spent many hours planning and putting in place the Clymer Museum. Without them the museum would not have been possible. The donation of original paintings by the Rasmussen Family contributes to our excellent collection of work by John Clymer. The Clymer Family and other generous donors have given paintings to make possible the collection which illustrates the varied career of John Clymer.

This generosity of the donors of paintings and the support of the museum has made it possible for the life of John Clymer to be honored in his hometown. The Board of Directors and Staff are honored to bring the work of Mr. Clymer to the public.

Arlein Anderson, Founding Board of Directors member and Past President


The Clymer Museum Foundation, a community based 501(c)(3) organization (tax #91-1470664) was established in 1989 to foster support for the art facility and its programs honoring John and Doris Clymer. The foundation has since established the Clymer Museum Endowment Fund to help stabilize revenues for the operation of the museum and its programs. A volunteer committee charged with managing the affairs of the fund and the prudent investment of available funds manages the endowment fund.

Policies, procedures and guidelines have been developed to ensure appropriate management of the fund.

Each year, proceeds from the earnings of the endowment fund are made available to the Finance Committee of the Clymer Museum Foundation.

Ways to Give:

    All gifts to the Clymer Museum Endowment Fund are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law and may be made in many ways.
  • Giving Cash - Cash provides a resource for immediate investment in the endowment fund for future needs.
  • Giving Appreciated Investments - When securities or real property are transferred to the endowment fund, tax deduction and tax avoidance on any gain may be of benefit to the donor.
  • Giving Tangible Personal Property - Dependent on appraisal, the endowment fund will ordinarily accept tangible personal property such as art, jewelry, collections and equipment.
  • Giving Through Life Insurance - Naming the endowment fund as a beneficiary provides funds for the future and premiums may qualify as a charitable tax deduction.
  • Giving Through Charitable Remainder Trusts - Donors may transfer funds or properties to the endowment fund through a charitable remainder trust that provides a lifetime income for the donor with the remainder gifted to the endowment trust fund. There may be estate tax savings in addition to the usual tax benefits.
  • Bequest - Charitable bequests can be made through your will with cash, securities, real estate or tangible personal property and may provide estate tax relief.
  • Honors/Memorials - Gifts may be made in honor of someone or made in the memory of a deceased relative or friend.

Gift Designations:

Unrestricted/Restricted Gifts - Investment proceeds of unrestricted gifts will be used for the general support of the museum and its programs, while those of restricted gifts will be dedicated to the support of the endeavor specified.

    Clymer Museum Endowment Funds Committe Members:
  • Zora Peterson (Chair)
  • Teri Phillip (Secretary)
  • Robert Jones (Treasurer)
  • Edna Madsen
  • Arlein Anderson

The members were named by the Clymer Museum Board of Directors to direct the affairs of the endowment fund. The president of the Clymer Museum Foundation is an ex officio member of the endowment fund committee. Please feel free to talk with any of the committee members in regard to the endowment fund or contact the foundation itself.



The Clymer Museum of Art is a 501c3 non-profit, museum. (91-1470664)

Email us with questions at info@clymermuseum.org

  • Student Member - $15
  • Single Member - $35
  • Family Level - $50
  • Sustaining Member - $100
  • Associate - $250
  • Patron - $500
  • Benefactor - $1,000
  • Corporate - $2,000

Memberships with Additional Benefits:

  • Student Level ($15 and above) and above recieve 10% discount in our Gift Shop
  • Single Member ($35 and above) and above recieve John Clymer Limited Edition Posters
  • Family Level ($50) Family Level ($50) recieve 'Signature John Clymer Coffee Mug'
  • Sustaining Members ($100) receive priority seating at any and all Clymer Museum events
  • Associate Level ($250) members are invited to our Annual Reception
  • Patron Level ($500) members receive a Special "Behind the Scenes Tour"
  • Benefactor Level($1,000) enjoy a Private Wine Tasting Event
  • Corporate Level ($2,000) experience a “Clymertini” Cocktail Party

All members receive: Invitations to all openings, Priority registration on all classes (youth and adult), Personalized Membership Card.

Distinguish your Business from the crowd! Become a Clymer Corporate Sponsor(CCSP)

The Clymer Museum of Art welcomes businesses to join the Clymer Corporate Sponsorship Program (CCSP). By becoming a CCSP your business will be continuing the historical preservation of the museum while giving the Clymer an opportunity to offer unique and innovative exhibits, artist presentations, lectures, seminars and special museum events.

(Some restrictions apply subject to prior arrangement with museum staff)


Current Positions:

There are currently no open staff positions available.


The museum strives to welcome the public with knowledge and candor regarding our permanent collection and artists on view in our galleries.We are currently seeking docents who would be available for short tours to small groups of visitors for 2-3 hours/weekly. Each tour would run for approximately one half hour. Training and our deep gratitude provided. Please inquire by emailing: director@clymermuseum.org


The internships at the Clymer Museum & Gallery offer hands-on training and a broad overview of museum/non-profit arts, behind-the-scenes operations. Our interns are tasked within specific project areas that suit their skills helping us to plan and implement programming, operations and help us to carry out the Museum’s overall mission. Each internship opportunity is customized. We like to be clear about internship expectations to best identify the breadth of each assigned project. Interns are often tasked to assist staff with general duties on a regular basis. Our unpaid internships are in place to create a positive relationship between you, the Museum and the larger community we serve. We ask for a minimum time commitment of 12 hours weekly for up to 6 months (and we can assess your progress along the way). To apply for an internship, please send your resume and cover letter stating basic dates and times you would be available, and areas of interest and we will attempt to match your needs with ours. Please send your email to: director@clymermuseum.org and we will be in touch soon. If you prefer to send through regular postal mail or simply drop your information with us here is the address:

Director (re: internships)
Clymer Museum & Gallery
416 N. Pearl Street
Ellensburg, WA 98926

Other Volunteer Opportunities:

We often require volunteers to help staff First Friday opening reception events, coverage for our front desk and gift shop at midday and for other seasonal activities. Please inquire by emailing: director@clymermuseum.org

Facility Rental

Reserve well in advance. Staff Member must be present during use of facility.

Available Hours:

  • Monday - Friday: Before 10 AM and after 5 PM
  • Saturday: Before 10 AM and after 3 PM
  • Sunday: (January-October & November-December) Open for Events Before 11 AM and after 3 PM
  • Other hours may be possible, please inquire.

Rental Fees:

  • Social Event, Party, Etc. 50 People or Less: $125.00*
  • Social Event, Party, Etc. 50-150 People: $250.00* (weddings depend on extra setup)
  • Non-Profit Groups (See In Kind Statement): $100.00
Deposit: $100.00

Renters Provide:

  • Food and Refreshments
  • Supplies
  • Decorations (Please request guidelines)
  • Washington State Banquet Permit (Alcohol)
  • Permit for temporary food handling from the Health Department
*In the event food or alcohol is served, a review of the condition of the carpet will be made with the renter prior to the event. Should the carpet need spot cleaning after the event there would be a charge of $120 per hour plus materials to return the carpet to previous condition.

Clymer Museum and Gallery
416 N. Pearl Street
Ellensburg, WA 98926
Tel: 509-962-6416
Email: director@clymermuseum.org

NOTE: Renters agree to be responsible for the actions of their guests and will accept reasonable charges for staff labor and damages to the facility or its contents.

Facility Use Policy

In Kind Use: (Other non profit organizations and cause groups.)

    1) Individual requests will be received for use of the Clymer Museum and Gallery for holding a function:
  • a. This depends if the group is local, brings potential customers for the sale of art or gift items in the gift shop. Will it bring in new people to the museum?
  • b. Is it for an informational meeting, lecture, or minimum space display? This is allowable.
  • c. Will they be selling tickets or having a silent auction during the time the event is in the museum? This is not allowable without charge.

FYI: Gallery One allows the privilege to groups to have a table at first Friday Art Walk to distribute their information and talk with the people attending First Friday. They do not have speakers come to their board meetings for funds.

Other than In Kind Use - the general policy is the Clymer Museum meetings will be for Clymer business. We will refrain from having speakers from groups soliciting funds. We will make general announcements to the Board of Directors so they can privately make contributions if they so choose.


Executive Board Members:

  • James Pappas, Board President
  • Jay Smith, Vice President
  • Ted Mildon, Past President
  • Clem Ehoff, Treasurer

Board Members:

  • Clem Ehoff
  • James Pappas
  • Jesus Baldovinos
  • Cindy Breck
  • Richard Dalton
  • Sheryl Grunden
  • Ted Mildon
  • Jay Smith
  • Susan Waddle
  • Mark Hollandsworth
  • Todd Shiver
  • Nancy Schnebly

Customer Service:

  • Mary Varner
  • Molly Nesbit
  • Tamara Sevao

Membership Specialist:

  • Molly Breeze Nisbet


  • Betty Douglas

Executive Director:

  • Mia Merendino


  • Mia Merendino

Winter Hours

Monday - Friday: 11AM-5PM
Saturday: 11AM-3PM
Sunday: Closed
Closed all major holidays

Spring Hours (begins April 1st)

Monday - Friday: 10:30AM-5PM
Saturday: 11AM-3PM
Sunday: Closed
(Saturday May 1st: 10AM - 3PM)

Contact Information

Phone: (509) 962-6416
Email: director@clymermuseum.org

Address & Directions

416 N. Pearl Street
Ellensburg, WA 98926
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